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Press Release

Thursday 7th October 2022

Assist Women’s Network Bulb Planting in their ‘Sisterwood’ at Stewart Park

The 'Sisterwood', which was brought to life in 2020 at Stewart Park, Middlesbrough, consists of a group of specially selected woodland trees which were planted earlier this year by the volunteers of Assist Women's Network.

The network’s aim was to create a space which will grow and mature, and which recognises the women of Tees Valley and their achievements. Assists aim is to plant a tree each year to represent their elected Goodwill Ambassador.

Due to Covid-19, Assist was unable to celebrate the creation of their Sisterwood, but now that restrictions have lifted, they wanted the Sisterwood to receive the celebration and recognition it deserves by adding the 500 bulbs to this lovely green space.

Women of all beliefs, race and backgrounds gathered at Stewart Park this week, to celebrate and contribute to the ‘Sisterwood’. Each of the volunteers that attended planted bulbs around the trees to put their stamp on the Sisterwood, and to add a sprinkle of colour.

The bulbs are in the Assist colours of purple and white, and were firmly planted around each tree, and will hopefully sprout in the Spring. This will create a colourful and welcoming space in the park for women and their families to visit.

Andy Preston, Mayor of Middlesbrough said: "we need to inspire more people, especially women to go out and make changes, make great stuff happen, create jobs and change lives here in Middlesbrough, and everywhere else."

Please see below the video of the bulb planting in action.

For further information please contact Amy Carter at

Telephone: 07539981073

Or: Ann Stonehouse at

Telephone: 07970411514

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