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15 ways to repurpose content on your blog

We all know how difficult it can be to try and think of new content to publish on your blog, but don’t worry we have you covered!

Follow these quick and easy 15 tips to repurpose content which will make your life a lot easier.

1. Expand a topic from an old post

If you have an amazing post on your blog with lots of detail in but it is longer than your average post, repost it in sections.

Take a single topic you covered and write an article about it. Go into more detail on this topic, add images, and link back and forth between the articles to help decrease bounce rates.

2. Quotes in social media posts

This tip works particularly well on Instagram! Go through all your previous posts and extract all self-containing quotes. Make sure they make sense on their own without context and then post as an image on your Instagram feed.

3. Q&A’s

Do you get the same questions asked by different people repeatedly? Create a blog post in any format (video, written or a social media post) answering all your most asked questions.

This not only creates informative content so people can find the answer to their queries without asking, but it also creates great quality content for you!

4. Create a series from a longer post

Like point 1, stretch the reach of an article by turning it into a series of posts instead! This works best on longer posts by taking each point of the article and turning them into their own post.

This can also be used on Instagram. Instead of using the swipe feature and cramming lots of photos into one post, spread the images across their own posts and create a series in which your followers can follow.

5. Republish as a new post

If your blog has been established for a while, some of your earlier blogs may easily be forgotten or lost. However, if you search through your archives and find an old post in which you want to update, then you can republish it as a new blog post.

This is a great way to not only get the most out of the content you have already created, but it also keeps your post up to date! Don’t forget to link the original blog in the updated one.

6. Turn blog posts into videos

This is a great one. If you have an amazing blog post you have already created, turn it into a video! You could talk directly into the camera or create a slideshow to record- it doesn’t have to be fancy.

Videos have great interaction statistics with online readers. It is more personal as your followers can see/hear you and it can make a topic more interesting. You can also use the content videos you create to start or grow a YouTube channel and enhance the experience on your blog.

7. Behind the scenes

Have a busy day at work? Recording content? Writing your most recent blog post? Film it! Behind the scenes update on Instagram stories can be an amazing (and easy) way to create great content.

This allows your audience to really get to know what your daily jobs are and what it is like to work under that certain sector! It can also be a great way for your followers to get to know you.

8. Videos to text

Like point 6, but this time turn content videos into text. This is a really easy way to create content and appeal to your audience who may prefer to read a text than watch a video.

9. Webinars from content

Webinars are increasingly growing in popularity. You can search through all the content you have previously created to find something to teach to others via a webinar.

Webinars are a great way to create extremely informative content whilst engaging with your audience. You can also grow your email list by offering webinars.

10. Create an infographic

Online users like visual posts. Infographics basically are putting information within an image to make it more appealing to your audience (checklists, diagrams, flow charts etc.).

This not only adds another layer of understanding to your blog post, but you can also share your infographic with other bloggers (ensure your blog URL is on the image). These are also great for Pinterest.

11. Update old posts with new information

Not only is updating an old blog great for SEO, but by adding some new information to an old post you can market the article in different ways (more than “check out this article I wrote 3 years ago”).

12. Create a roundup of your own content

Create a blog highlighting other posts that you have created which relate to each other, this is sometimes called “listicles”. Many bloggers create roundup posts of articles on to other sites under a specific topic, could you do the same for your content?

13. Ad’s

Have an online course coming up soon? Use your own platform to publish your own ads! If you have a video, great image or a relevant quote which could be used to advertise what you have to offer, post it!

14. Online course content to blog posts

Of course, you don’t want to publish your premium content, but creating a post which highlights what your online course has to offer may attract a larger audience.

Create a video montage of a ‘sneak peek’ into your online courses to give people a teaser and leave them wanting more.

15. Trim an existing video

A single video you create can have a multi-purpose. One easy method is to edit down a particular video, so it focuses on a certain section and you can use this short snippet to go into more detail on the topic.

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